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Aplica has the following homologations and classifications:

  • Classification as Works Contractor - Inscription Number: 2351

Group Subgroup Letter Description
D 5 F Railway works with specific qualification
G 6 F Road works without specific qualification
I 1 E Lighting, illumination and illuminated traffic guidance
I 7 E Telecommunications and radio electric installations
I 8 E Electronic installations
I 9 E Electrical installations without specific qualification
K 9 C Fire fighting installations


  • Classification as Services Contractor - Inscription Number: 2351

Group Subgroup Letter Description
P 1 D Maintenance and repair of electrical and electronic equipment and installations
V 3 D Maintenance and repair services of information technology and telecommunication equipment and installations
V 4 D Telecommunications services

  • Register of Telecommunications Installation Companies (Type A, B, C, F)
    Registry number: 5388
  • Register of Low Voltage Authorised Companies
    (Specialist in Modes 1, 2, 3, 4)
    Registry number: 1/EIBT-211
  • Register of Fire Protection Installations
    (Epigraphs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13)
    Registry number: 1/EPI-51
  • Register of Industrial Establishments
    Registry number: 1/9122
  • Register of Approved Contractors
    Registry number: 15/01/0000095
  • Document of Company Qualification (DCE)
    Number: 447
  • Official Register of Contractors to the Basque Regional Government
    Inscription Number: 2351
  • Register of Transport Suppliers (PROTRANS)
    Registry number: 351.566
  • Voluntary Register of ADIF Bidders
    Inscription Number: 11/00069
  • Register of Companies Classified by ADIF (ICH Sector)
    Registry number: 10-11-0194
  • Documentary Register of FEVE Contractors
    Registry number: 241-03
  • Register of Suppliers to ADQUIRA (BBVA, Grupo Telefonica, Iberia, Repsol YPF)
  • Register of Small Producers of Toxic and Dangerous Waste
    Registry number: PP/1534/NA/2007
  • Register of IKS Management and Environmental Communication l
    NIMA Registry number: 100009605


25/09/2013 - Aplica participa en el Proyecto BIMEP

25/05/2012 - Aplica, nuevo KNX Partner

10/05/2012 - APLICA, invitada por la Junta de Extremadura a la presentacion del Protocolo ESE

04/05/2012 - Ponencia de Aplica en la Reunión Sectorial de ESEs de Extremadura