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Voice and data

Construction of voice and data networks in offices or industrial environments, including design, cabling and certification of outlets.

Optical fibres

Aplica has a large amount of highly specialised human resources and equipment for the construction of optical fibre networks and communications.  The constant renovation of equipment allows having updated, innovative technology, that linked with the skills of our personnel allows us reduce the execution period of any works.  

It is important to highlight the advanced metrology works that are developed with our own equipment, from chromatic dispersion measuring and PMD.

Telephony / CATV

Aplica has much experience in the construction of fixed telephone networks and cable television for telephone operators.  We can highlight the availability of specialised equipment and personnel in maintenance of specifically delicate CATV networks due to noise problems in the network.

Supervision and Auditing of optical fibre networks

Thorough expertise of optical fibre networks allows Aplica to offer supervision and Auditing services of optical fibre networks for maintenance services.  These systems all constant supervision of key routes in your communications, establishing degradation margins that will activate the maintenance services even before a loss of communication occurs.  This supervision does not need the presence of any operator; therefore, it is economic and efficient.

Traffic management systems

Aplica has much experience in intelligent traffic management systems and all the necessary subsystems, from vehicle counting systems, CCTV, public address, SOS, variable messaging panels, weather stations, traffic lights, etc.  Aplica manages both the installation of equipment as well as the cabling, connections and start-up.


New clients

Aplica has offered for several years the construction of client loops, both for individuals and companies.  This involves not only the installation of the necessary elements for connecting to the network of the operator but also the configuration of the different services of any given operator (broadband access, CATV, line/ISDN, primary accesses, Connect LAN...).


The service offered by Aplica to operators does not finish with the construction of a network but is completed with a service for maintenance of all the infrastructures and services it offers to its client.  We have human and material resources capable of 24/7 maintenance of an operator network from the external plant (civil works, optical fibre, paired and coaxial cables for CATV) up to client access.


25/09/2013 - Aplica participa en el Proyecto BIMEP

25/05/2012 - Aplica, nuevo KNX Partner

10/05/2012 - APLICA, invitada por la Junta de Extremadura a la presentacion del Protocolo ESE

04/05/2012 - Ponencia de Aplica en la Reunión Sectorial de ESEs de Extremadura