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Axell Wireless: Radio Equipment

Axell Wireless is a company with more than 30 years experience, leading manufacturer of solutions for the repetition and extension of radio coverage for emergency systems and public security, as well as mobile telephony in all its generations.



Enair: Small wind turbine generators

ENAIR is a business initiative that started due to the evolution and experience of a group of persons with more than 4000 air generators installed during their professional experience.  ENAIR develops equipment so the future can be better. It is revolutionary because it develops a system that has no competition on the market due to its strength, technological reliability, capacity for adaptation and efficiency.



FiberSensys: Perimeter protection system by optical fibre

Based on a optical fibre sensor that adapts to the majority of fencing structures and grounds. 

A system immune to electromagnetic fields that has powerful signal analysers to avoid as much as possible false alarms due to weather conditions and any others.




Future Fibre

Future FibreTecnologies: Intrusion Detection system by optical fibre

Advanced system of intrusion detection by optical fibre used to detect intrusion in large and small perimeters  Applications for intrusion detection in fences, grounds, tubes (gas pipes, oil pipes, water pipes) and both energy and telecommunication cables.




25/09/2013 - Aplica participa en el Proyecto BIMEP

25/05/2012 - Aplica, nuevo KNX Partner

10/05/2012 - APLICA, invitada por la Junta de Extremadura a la presentacion del Protocolo ESE

04/05/2012 - Ponencia de Aplica en la Reunión Sectorial de ESEs de Extremadura