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Aplica develops the construction of infrastructures in different areas of activity:

  • Construction of the physical infrastructure for supporting the elements that form a communications network, security, etc. This includes the construction of buried channelling, controlled perforations or support elements for elevated structures.
  • Construction of a drain for the flooding or works or land.  Grupo Aplica makes different types of drains, from longitudinal surface drains, deep drains, French drains and Pacdrain. There are high-performance trenching machines for these works.
  • Mechanised installation of prefabricated channelling for high–speed rail lines. Grupo Aplica has specially designed machinery for the automatic laying of prefabricated channelling for the AVE [Spanish high-speed train] high-speed lines that way achieving rapid progress of the works.

It is important to highlight the availability of specialised machinery for the construction of mini ditches.  This is an innovative trenching type machine that allows making narrow ditches (between 7 and 15 cm) at variable depths (up to x cm).  The small size of the ditch allows reducing construction costs, drastically reducing the periods for execution of the works and minimising the impact of works on the environment.


25/09/2013 - Aplica participa en el Proyecto BIMEP

25/05/2012 - Aplica, nuevo KNX Partner

10/05/2012 - APLICA, invitada por la Junta de Extremadura a la presentacion del Protocolo ESE

04/05/2012 - Ponencia de Aplica en la Reunión Sectorial de ESEs de Extremadura